Tube Balance Accessories

18-360 Window Tilt Balance Pivot Lock Shoe
9/16 In. Balance Pivot Lock Shoe. Length: 1-13/16", Width: 1-9/32", Reach: 17/32". Please click on the pictures above for detailed measurements. More

18-062 Spiral Tube Balance Foot
Window spiral tube balance foot. 2-15/16" overall length and 3/8" overall width. More

18-133 Nylon Clad Spiral Tube Balance Foot
Nylon clad zinc spiral tube balance foot. Overall length is 2-15/16" and overall width is 3/8". More

18-068 Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe
Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe. Overall length is 2-3/4" and width is 3/8". More

18-154 Tube Balance Cap
Constructed of plastic 7/8" overall measurement.

18-508 Tube Balance Cap
Durable plastic used with our 26-200 and 26-600 series spiral window tube balances.

18-055 Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe
Constructed of metal and overall length is 1-1/4". Used with our window spiral balance series 26-200. More

18-174 Window Tilt Balance Pivot Lock Shoe
This window pivot lock shoe typically goes with our 26-600 series spiral balance though is used with many manufacturers of windows. Shoe is 3/8" thick.... More

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