Tube Balance Accessories

Please select from the categories below. Since 1976 our Family Owned business has provided the best in customer service to all of our valued customers. We stock a huge inventory of Window Sash Spiral Tube Balance Accessories in our warehouses but only show the more popular pieces online. Don't see your window part? Just email our friendly technicians at service@wrhardware.com We have it all!!!

18-360 Window Tilt Balance Pivot Lock Shoe
9/16 In. Balance Pivot Lock Shoe. Length: 1-13/16", Width: 1-9/32", Reach: 17/32". Please click on the pictures above for detailed measurements. More

18-062 Spiral Tube Balance Foot
Window spiral tube balance foot. 2-15/16" overall length and 3/8" overall width. More

18-133 Nylon Clad Spiral Tube Balance Foot
Nylon clad zinc spiral tube balance foot. Overall length is 2-15/16" and overall width is 3/8". More

18-068 Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe
Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe. Overall length is 2-3/4" and width is 3/8". More

18-154 Tube Balance Cap
Constructed of plastic 7/8" overall measurement.

18-508 Tube Balance Cap
Durable plastic used with our 26-200 and 26-600 series spiral window tube balances.

18-055 Window Spiral Tube Balance Shoe
Constructed of metal and overall length is 1-1/4". Used with our window spiral balance series 26-200. More

18-174 Window Tilt Balance Pivot Lock Shoe
This window pivot lock shoe typically goes with our 26-600 series spiral balance though is used with many manufacturers of windows. Shoe is 3/8" thick.... More

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